February 11, 2015

My Favorite Korean Dramas of 2014

So i wanted to talk about 2014 dramas. Lots of dramas aired but who has time to watch them all? lol From all the dramas that aired in 2014, i watched 13 of them and another one of them (Pinnochio) i've just started watching it so i can't say if it's good or not. Please remember these are my favorites from the ones i watched, and highly recommended:

5. Birth of a Beauty (미녀의 탄생)

This drama draws you in right from the start. It's about an overweight girl called Sa Geum Ran who's been cheated on by her husband who also tries to kill her. Then she meets Han Tae Hee, whom she thought was a plastic surgeon and asks him to completely change her appearance. After her complete extreme makeover, she goes by the name Sara and together with Han Tae Hee they plan revenge on her husband.
I'm trying to give a quick description and not give any spoilers hehe believe me this drama is worth watching.

4. Fated to Love You (운명처럼 널 사랑해)

Ok, i was kinda relutant to watch this drama, because the main actor didn't really appeal to me, but i ended up watching it and oh my god i'm so glad i did! This drama is fun fun fun, and it's also heartbreaking... but it's still a fun drama. It's about a shy, invisible girl with a nickname of "post-it", who ends up sleeping with a heir of a big company. She then gets pregnant and they are forced to get married, but all kinds of things happen. You will have to watch and see yourself. I assure you, you will love this drama. 

3. God's Gift - 14 Days (신의 선물 - 14일)

This drama is full of suspense and there's time travel in it! I didn't imagine i would love this drama this much. It's about a mother (Kim Soo Hyun) whose young daughter gets kidnapped and murdered. After a miraculous event she goes back in time 2 weeks before the tragedy and does all she can to stop it from happening. Helping her is Ki Dong Chan, an investigator who's trying to prove his mentally challenged brother's innocence.
There's a lot of action in this and the whole fight against time really got me addicted. Highly recommended!! 

2. Healer (힐러)

Ok, I just finished watching this drama, it ended in 2015 but since it started in 2014 i will include it as a 2014 drama :D I love love love this drama, and the main actor, Ji Chang Wook is a cutie! On a side note, i wanna say that Ji Chang Wook is now my favorite korean person hehe. 
So for a quick sipnosis, Ji Chang Wook plays a mysterious night errand guy who goes by the codename "Healer", has amazing fighting skills. On one of his jobs he's asked to find out more about a reporter girl called Chae Young Shin, Of course they fall in love (in a very adorable way), and they go on a journey to discover the truth and resolve the mystery about their past (that happens to be connected).

1. You Who Came From the Stars (별에서 온 그대)

This one has to become a classic. It's about a very handsome alien, Do Min Joon, who landed on Earth in the Joseon Dinasty and, 400 years later falls in love with a top actress in the modern era, Cheon Song Yi. She has a very fun and captivating personally. This drama is really top-notch, you have to watch it! Besides, after watching this drama, you cannot hear the word "destiny" without singing "you are my destiny... geudae.. " hehe but seriously, watch it!

I hope you enjoy my list and recommendations!
And just for the sake of mentioning, here are the other dramas I watched in 2014:

Emergency Couple
She's So Lovable
It's Okay, It's Love
You're All Surrounded
Doctor Stranger
Angel Eyes
Cunning Single Lady
Prime Minister & I
... And as i mentioned, now currently watching Pinnochio.

I'm opened to suggestions of good dramas I missed, so please let me know in the comments below ^^

Disclaimer: I used parts of sinopsis from wikipedia and other websites to help me describe the plots.


  1. how do you find the It's okay, it's love? i stopped at ep 6 for quite a long time. no time to continue. i like it but most of y friends didn't make it to the end so i was wondering someone could give me some decent comment on this drama without spoiling the plot. haha.

    1. Well i don't understand why they didn't make it till the end, cus that drama is totally worth watching :D Even though it didn't make it on my top 5 it's still a very good drama and i think you should finish it :D I think the whole psychological thing about the drama is very interesting and it's fun to see their relationship evolve and how he overcomes his troubles.