March 18, 2015

[K-Drama] Pinocchio Review

I finished watching Pinocchio yesterday and thought "why not?" let's write a review hehe 
[Spoiler Alert]

Gi Ha Myeong has a very tragic past, his father was a fiirefighter but he died in a fire along with his colleagues because of a wrong information in the site of the fire. But because of reporters, or shall I say "a" reporter, his dad became the reason why everyone else died. This made Dal Po and his mom and brother to be accused and assaulted everyday by reporters. Because of such pressure, his mom took him to see some fireworks near the sea and made him jump along with her so they would kill themselves.

This whole background story is really what makes you want to watch more and want to know more about the drama. 

Ha Myeong survives (of course) and lives with a grandpa who saved him. This grandpa had a son who died and he's kinda mentally disturbed by then so Ha Myeong takes his son's place and goes by his name Choi Dal Po. 
Choi In Ha (granddaughter of the mentioned grandpa) lives with her dad, Dal Po, and grandpa. This made her and Dal Po become close and like each other even though they are uncle-niece (but not blood related of course). 

The beggining was quite fun, Choi Dal Po goes to a TV quiz show looking like a total country bumpkin with his long hair (I assume it's a wig), and that's when everyone finds out he is actually very smart (which is a surprise for everyone since he ranks last in school).

Choi In Ha suffers from a condition called Pinocchio which makes her hiccup when she lies (the show points out in the beggining this condition is fictional). But I'm very impressed with Park Shin Hye because I have no idea how she can act hiccups so well lol 

Choi In Ha's mom is the reporter who ruined Dal Po's family (what a coincidence, now they have something against their love). Dal Po decides to become a reporter even though he despises them so he can fight properly with In Ha's mom, Song Cha Ok. 

By now Song Cha Ok is the villain of the story, quite hard to believe that we end up liking her in the end. 

Anyway, In Ha decides to become a reporter like her mom, so she and Dal Po become reporters but from different stations. 

The drama then slows down its pace, but there's always something interesting and fun in every episode. 
I don't wanna say everything that happens in the drama but i'll mention some other characters who need to be mentioned. 

Seo Beom Jo, a true mama's boy.


He's been liking In Ha for a long time because her mom once left her phone in his house, and since then, he kept receiving text messages from In Ha (that were supposed to be for her mom). He also becomes a reporter to become closer to In Ha. But unfortunately his love was never accepted because In Ha already has Dal Po in her heart. 

Then we have Yoon Yoo Rae who's also a reporter (ok let's just say everyone's a reporter in here), and Dal Po's partner. 

She's basically known for her undeniable aegyeo. But towards the end we will all ship her and the station captain, Hwang Gyo Dong:

The captain ends up liking her and his cute demonstrations are quite adorable (even though it wasn't clear about their relationship in the end I think they got together). 

Moving on.. the other honorable mention is "drum roll"... Dal Po's brother, Ki Jae Myung. And he needs to mentioned because he's a cutie haha

So fast forwarding to the end, we find out that the true villain behind the story is Seo Beom Jo's mom who has a lot of connections, and to keep those connections, she made Song Cha Ok cover up news by putting the blame on someone else. This stupid act destroyed Dal Po's family and she goes to jail like she deserves to. So everything ends well, with the bad people being punished and the good people happy. 

Please note that I'm ommiting a lot of information in here, even though I gave imense spoilers. I don't want to spoil the whole thing in case you didn't watch (even though you shouldn't be reading this anyway if you didn't watch since you will know all the major things lol).

At the very end Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha get married. What other better way to finish a drama than with a kiss? :D 

If I'm to rate this drama I'll give it: 


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