April 23, 2015

[K-Drama Review] Hyde, Jekyll, Me

I find psychology fascinating; maybe that’s why I also find this drama fascinating... despite all the plot holes lol 

[Spoiler Alert]

Goo Seo Jin runs a theme park called Wonder Land and is in line to become the next CEO of Wonder Group. But he has a psychological disorder called DID – dissociative identity disorder or Multiple personality disorder. Seo Jin is cold and is unable of saving people, ridiculous to the point of throwing a girl to danger or using a girl to protect himself. But when his heart rate exceeds 150, another personality emerges – Robin. 

This new personality is kind, gentle and saving people is in his nature. This disorder began 15 years ago, when Seo Jin and his friend Sung Joon were kidnapped in the haunted house of Wonder Land. Trapped in a warehouse, they tried to escape through a window that was too high so they had to use each other to climb and escape. Seo Jin was the first one out and he tried to push his friend but because they were both children, none of them had the physical strength to pull the other. When the kidnapper appeared again, Seo Jin had no choice but to let go of his friend and run away. Since then he created Robin as a manifestation of his guilt. Now, he avoids any dangerous or romantic situation so his heart remains calm.

Then Jang Ha Na appears. She just returned to Korea and is set to take over as the circus master of the circus show at Wonder Land. But she becomes Seo Jin’s trigger for Robin to appear.

Seo Jin’s doctor, Dr. Kang Hee Ae, tells Seo Jin she had found a cure for his condition but gets kidnapped (too much kidnapping in this drama). The messed up part is that the kidnapper is no other than Sung Joon (Seo Jin’s childhood friend) which is also a psychology doctor at the same university as Dr. Kang. He has an entire revenge plan against Seo Jin, blaming him for leaving him at the warehouse and escaping alone. Now the plot hole in here is that this revenge is nonsense, in my opinion, because now that he is a grown man and a doctor he should be wise enough to know that they were only kids back then and none of them was strong enough to save the other unless he wanted Seo Jin to jump back in because he couldn’t save him – nonsense.

At the same time, Seo Jin is in a battle with Robin, who keeps appearing. Btw, Seo Jin and Robin are like two different people with different memories and personalities who share the same body.

Jang Ha Na falls in love with Robin, and Seo Jin eventually falls in love with Ha Na… so she’s in a weird situation but they somehow manage to work it out.

Many things happen, they have to find out how to save the doctor and stop Sung Joon (and they do).
The sad part now is that Robin starts to disappear… - Good, because it means Seo Jin is being cured; bad, because Ha Na loves him.  But in the end, Seo Jin is cured and Ha Na ends up with Seo Jin, who also ends up getting Robin’s memories, which basically means they became one person. (Also note that Seo Jin’s personality changed too).

Despite some plot nonsense, this drama was very entertaining and I still love it.

Hypnosis, psychological issues, traumatic past, love, drama, laugh, tears.. it has it all. 

Highly Recommended!

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  1. I looove that drama!!! You should watch Kill me Heal me, similar but totally different in many aspects..