April 3, 2015

[K-Drama Review] Persevere, Goo Hae Ra

(Spoiler Alert)
I gotta say I did not expect such a short drama (12 episodes) to be so full of story. If you like a lot of music in a drama then you will love this for sure. 

The drama is about a group of friends who auditioned for Superstar K but ended up getting tangled with lots of situations. Goo Hae Ra’s dad died and left her an unfinished song that Hae Ra wants to finish and show the world. After failing Superstar K, the group of friends who are now called Perseverance team do everything they can to become successful, which becomes very difficult since the CEO of a big company does everything he can to stop them. 

There are love triangles (or even squares lol) in this group of friends. Hae Ra gets herself in the middle of two childhood friends who happen to love her. Then one of them dies and a sudden twin was revealed which created quite a shock. Then there’s Woo Ri who likes Jang Goon but then Jang Goon ends up being homosexual and likes their “manager” Tae Poong. Sounds like a big mess but the drama is very good and fun to watch.

You will love some and hate some but at the end you will see their adventures to make their dreams come true.

Oh and did I mention there’s k-pop idols in the drama? ;)

I'll rate this drama: 
Very Recommended!


  1. woah ! you same with meeee ! but can you please tell me what episode sechan dead???

    1. It was right in the beggining, I think episode 2