May 15, 2015

[K-Drama Review] Shine or Go Crazy

[Spoiler Alert]

I finished watching Shine or Go Crazy and let me tell you, I’m not sure what to say lol.

First of all, there’s too many people I hate in this drama! 24 episodes = 24 hours of hating people is very exhausting lol It’s a historical drama, the story is very complicated, too many characters.. but let me tell you a very quick highlight: 

Wang So is a prince who was casted alone to a mountain for being cursed. It was predicted that he would meet a princess of light who will change his destiny, and he does meet one, Shin Yool who “forces” him to marry her to help her get out of a situation. Fake marriage. They separate. Meet again after 5 years. Fall in love. And it’s not an easy love, actually is the most complicated love ever because literally everyone gets in the middle. 

Consul Wang is the most hateful and despicable character I’ve seen. I hate him to death. He just does all he can to destroy everything so that everything becomes his.

I really can’t do a good synopsis for this drama. Even now I don’t think I assimilated everything yet lol

So let’s assume you’ve watched this drama, here’s what I think of it:
It was fun mostly in the beginning, it made me hate many characters (since most people were evil), the main characters – the ones we are rooting for did not get enough highlight. And the ending.. it sucked. They went their separate ways, and only met again after life or in their dreams (I’m not sure about that ending).
So are you telling me I watched 24 episodes for the main couple not be actually happy ever after? I don’t like that “together in their dreams and hearts” bullshit. Maybe some might find it romantic but I don’t like it. 

This drama should’ve had a way better ending. The bad guy was defeated, Wang So became the king, that’s all good but the fact of Shin Yool and Wang So didn’t stay together ruined it for me.

I'll rate this drama:
It's alright 

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