June 15, 2015

[K-Drama Review] Kill Me, Heal Me

[Spoiler Alert]

This is the second drama I've watched about DID and it was also better hehe

So, this guy called Cha Do Hyun has DID (multiple personality disorder) because of his traumatic childhood. He created seven personalities! Seven!This dude cannot catch a break! Basically, depending on situations in which he’s stressed or shocked, a personality would come out and then he becomes responsible of whatever that personality did. It’s a very interesting concept.

Then he meets this psychiatrist, Oh Ri Jin, who will help him (and fall in love - of course).

I gotta say the actor who plays Do Hyun is suberb! I don’t remember seeing him before but his acting is amazing! He managed to do seven completely different people in 1 role. Amazed.

Ok let’s meet the personalities!

Cha Do Hyun is his original self (but counts as a personality), is a nice and warmhearted guy who helps others.

Shin Se Gi is the personality who’s more wounded because it’s the one who remembers the traumatic past. He appears as violent but he doesn’t hurt women and children. He puts puts on eyeliner, has a deep gaze and a badass style. Also, his first love is Oh Ri Jin. 

Perry Park is the bomb guy. lol He makes bombs out of rice cookers, loves fishing, and speaks in dialect which is very funny.

Ahn Yo Seob is the suicidal personality. It's a 17 year-old boy who keeps trying to die. 

Ahn Yo Na is the funniest and most fun personality. It’s a 17 year-old girl, yes a girl! Twin sister of Ahn Yo Seob and ends up liking Oh Ri Jin’s brother – Oh Ri On. Oppaa!! Hehe (inside joke). 

Nana is a 7 year-old girl who has a teddy bear called Nana. (at the end we find out she’s actually Oh Ri Jin). 

Mr. X is a personality who only comes out in the last episode, and is Oh Ri Jin’s father. 

When Do Hyun and Ri Jin were young, they ended up living in the same house (Cha Household), but she was locked in the basement so no one knew about her existence. But Do Hyun is not allowed to be with her, and everytime he makes a mistake or his father finds him with her in the basement, he beats the girl. Till one day a big fire happens in the house, Do Hyun’s father saves him but when he goes back to save Ri Jin, someone else already saved her. He gets in a coma for 21 years.

Due to this tragedy, Do Hyun has DID and Ri Jin doesn’t have memories from that time. Both of them have a fear of basements and fire.

This drama is very very good, very fun and tragic at the same time. It has all its moments.

Slowly, they will remember their past and heal the personalities so they disappear.

There’s so much to this drama, even though I gave many spoilers I omitted most of the stuff. How will they handle all the different personalities? Well watch and see :D 

I’ll rate this drama: 

A Must See!

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  1. the one plays Cha Do Hyun (and all the other personalities) is Ji Sung. He is married to actress, Lee Bo Young and now expecting a child. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum (the one who plays Oh Ri Jin) previously played in a drama called "Secret/Secret Love" in 2013. It was a very good drama too. Worth to try.