December 22, 2015

[K-Drama Review] D-Day

I watched the trailer to this drama and saw the epic effects for a massive earthquake that hit Seoul and everything being destroyed and it drew me in. I know that would be awful in real life, but I like to watch movies about it. 
This is a medical drama, so all of you who can't stand blood, beware. 
The beggining was kinda boring, typical hospital and medical procedures. But I kept going because I wanted to watch the earthquake.. and I kept watching cus it wouldn't happen lol. Until it happened and was awesome, they really went all in for special effects. But after the earthquake the whole drama was pretty much just about rescuing people and save them. 
There are love lines between the doctors and nurses, and the director of the hospital is a real pain the ass, like he wants you to hate him with all your might. 
Despite the monotomy, it was still an ok drama to watch. I think the only thing that made it a better drama than it would be is the cool special effects. 

I'll rate this drama

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